Balkan Energy Group to Run Skopje’s Heating System
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 10:49
Balkan Energy Group will produce, supply and distribute heating energy to Skopje citizens.
The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) took all three licenses from the District Heating System (DHS). According to ERC statement, Balkan Energy Group will have to pay to DHS one million dollars for the heating systems’ lease, to keep all employees as well as to invest in the system in the future. Although from this year there is a new company that runs the business, the price of the heating will not undergo any corrections. ERC announced that the current price is more than sufficient for the companies to make profit. The price of the electricity will not increase. The last increase was in August by 10 % and it will remain unchanged until the middle of the year since the new regulations on electricity and heating energy created new deadlines for price corrections.
Sources: Utrinski Vesnik; Kanal 5; Sitel; Alfa; Makfax